Peace with money

Money need not be a struggle. Discover greater harmony and ease when you become at peace with money.

Discover Greater Meaning

You have a purpose and want to realize it yet it seems difficult to obtain. Learn to focus your money, energy and time on what has true meaning.

Relief from Burnout

Are you a change leader or social entrepreneur who is feeling a bit burned out? Yet, you burn with desire to make a difference. Money harmony can support your greatest service.

A Wealth-Filled Life

Do you want to ensure your retirement monies support you as long as you live? Create greater certainty for your future while living a fulfilling life right now.

Professional Peace with Money

Does discord with money disrupt your business or organization? Coaching can bring financial harmony to create a stronger and more peaceful workplace.

Tell me … Does this sound familiar?

You long to live a peace filled life, yet you aren’t at peace with money.

  • You want to make a difference in the world, but resources seem so limited.
  • You aren’t sure of money priorities…everything seems equally important.
  • You’re good at what you do but struggle with having little training in handling finances.

Money is meant to serve you. As a financial coach I’ll help you discover how money can serve you so you experience a sense of plenty that permeates every aspect of your life.


  • Your work fulfills you.
  • Your environment supports you.
  • Your relationships with family, colleagues and friends are rich and rewarding.

And, yes, money is flowing well in your life, giving you the freedom to live more expansively and support the people and the causes you care about.  That’s a recipe for peace. Our passion is to help you become financially organized so you reduce the challenges and stress that dealing with money often brings.

Our proven program is designed to help you…

  • Learn and implement an easy-to-follow personal money management system.
  • Reduce the amounts you spend on taxes, interest, and non-deductible debt.
  • Accumulate wealth steadily so you create security and ease for your future.
  • Discover and maintain a lifestyle that maximizes the quality of life you desire.
Lorna McLeod

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Make Peace with Money book and e-book

Put Stress to Bed and Awaken Your Peace: There’s a Better Way to Approach Your Finances

  • Do you wish money was a source of gratitude and serene accomplishment rather than arguments and anxiety?
  • Would you prefer to spend more of your precious time and energy fulfilling your dreams and less time worrying about making ends meet?
  • What would it feel like to have a more harmonious relationship with money?
Inside this book, you’ll learn:

  • Whether or not you’re currently at war with money
  • Common financial misconceptions that lead even the wealthy astray
  • How self-limiting beliefs sabotage your efforts and keep you in a state of anxiety
  • How to move from a state of insufficiency to one of sufficiency
  • How to choose ease over struggle … even when it doesn’t seem possible
  • How to carry your new-found peace with money out into the world and make a real difference 
Lorna has a business mind and an angel’s heart. She tells you the straight stuff in a way you can hear it. Whenever we got off track, Lorna got us back on – fast and painlessly. We’re making smarter decisions, utilizing resources we didn’t know we had, connecting with more customers. She helped us keep our business focused and profitable. Our weekly coaching with Lorna has been the smartest business decision we’ve made. She made success an attainable goal for us.
Linda Bruce, Fine Artist and Retired Gallery Director

Lorna is passionate about supporting businesses, organizations and individuals who want to have a hand in transforming the world. I have such a vision for my business. Her coaching helped me create budgeting, cash flow and fund development plans that are workable and make sense to me. She helped me get my professional team in place for those pieces, so I can keep my attention on carrying out my mission and vision for my business.
J. Pederson, Science Tutoring for Youth

Lorna McLeod coached my grant writer and me through the grant process. The experience was filled with learning for us as the clarity and integrity of Lorna’s ideas gave us clear feedback. We enjoyed the rapport quickly established by phone that allowed for an openness and honesty we valued highly.
Kathleen Macferran, Music Director, Rainier Chamber Winds, Seattle, WA

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