Building Belonging in a Time of Othering

Workshop with Lorna McLeod

Saturday, July 18, 2020 from 10:00 am to 12 noon

Join Zoom Meeting:

In this time of growing awareness about white supremacy, white fragility, and racial equity, isn’t it time to learn about how we can contribute to a world that works for all? The first step is self-evaluation. How might I behave in ways that make those around me feel blamed, shamed, troubled, excluded? As if they were the issue? In other words, am I “othering”? Wouldn’t you rather be creating a world of belonging?

Facilitated by racial equity trainer and financial coach Lorna McLeod, this workshop shows how you can offer those around you a sense of belonging and gain a greater sense of belonging yourself. Lorna identifies as indigenous Swinomish and white and has done racial equity work since she was 19.

Due to C-19 this is a ZOOM workshop. $47.
A portion will be shared with the Eureka Center for Spiritual Living.

Partial or full scholarships are available on request. Register in advance if possible, but don’t stay away if you haven’t. Contact Lorna at 707-672-3668 (text/ph) or email [email protected].