Make Peace with Money book and e-book

Put Stress to Bed and Awaken Your Peace: There’s a Better Way to Approach Your Finances

  • Do you wish money was a source of gratitude and serene accomplishment rather than arguments and anxiety?
  • Would you prefer to spend more of your precious time and energy fulfilling your dreams and less time worrying about making ends meet?
  • What would it feel like to have a more harmonious relationship with money?

Inside this book, you’ll learn:

  • Whether or not you’re currently at war with money
  • Common financial misconceptions that lead even the wealthy astray
  • How self-limiting beliefs sabotage your efforts and keep you in a state of anxiety
  • How to move from a state of insufficiency to one of sufficiency
  • How to choose ease over struggle … even when it doesn’t seem possible
  • How to carry your new-found peace with money out into the world and make a real difference 


More than 50% of all grant applicants fail to get funding. Are you really ready to apply?

Writing a great proposal is important, but a frequent cause of rejection is this: funders don’t think your organization is ready to carry out the work you’ve proposed.

  • Use this step-by-step process to increase your organization’s preparedness
  • Take action steps to deliver on your mission—and better serve your people
  • Lead your organization with greater effectiveness and ease

Lorna McLeod offered priceless guidance in how to determine the optimum strategy to approach foundations for grants. She gave me much higher confidence and understanding of how to present our programs to maximize a foundation’s interest. Benjamin Quinto, co-founder/former director, Global Youth Action Network, New York, NY