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Make Peace with Money Workbook

The Make Peace with Money Workbook, intended to be a companion to the Make Peace with Money book, though not as in depth as the book also stands on its own as a useful tool to begin to change your relationship with money from one of warring to greater peacefulness.

Also search in Facebook for our Make Peace with Money page there to be part of the interactive community.

Grant Readiness Guide

When I worked for a foundation, I found that many organizations that applied were lacking some key piece of information or understanding of what is required to be grant funded. Because many who are interested in peace are also interested in making a significant difference in their communities, I’m including a free copy of my Grant Readiness Guide, which offers information and resources to prepare an organization to be ready to apply for grant funding.

Free Conversation/Consultation

I love to talk with folk who are interested in seriously pursuing inner peace so they can be of more effective service in the world. When you sign up I will be notified and will reach out within 3-5 business days to schedule a time to chat. I realize some folk just want the information they’ll receive from my blog and emails. However, if you are interested in having such a conversation with me, I’d be delighted if you respond.